As a plastic surgeon who uses implants often, I understand the importance of considering breast width diameter (BWD) when making implant choices. BWD refers to the width of a woman’s breast base, and it plays a crucial role in achieving natural-looking and proportionate results.

Choosing the right implant size is a collaborative decision between the patient and the surgeon, taking into account the patient’s desired outcome and the surgeon’s expertise.

When it comes to BWD, the goal is to select an implant that fits harmoniously within the patient’s existing breast frame. It is measured accurately by caliper at the level of the inframammary fold from one side of the breast to the other.

The BWD of the implant is determined by considering this measurement and then subtracting the thickness of the fatty tissue just beneath the skin.  This step is important, and sometimes skipped, as it ensures that the implant is not visible along its periphery and there is adequate soft tissue coverage to cover the implant completely.

Research studies have highlighted the significance of considering BWD in implant selection. When considered as a primary factor in augmentation, BWD coupled with implant choice led to improved aesthetic results and patient satisfaction.  There can be no doubt that this measurement is crucial.

Another study analyzed the relationship between BWD and implant dimensions. It concluded that selecting an implant with a width that matches or closely corresponds to the patient’s BWD can result in a more natural appearance. They also cited less complications when this measurement was accurate. Precision is important.

By understanding the relationship between BWD and implant choice, our team can guide our patients towards selecting an implant size that complements their unique anatomical characteristics. This approach ensures that the implant fits proportionately and enhances the patient’s overall aesthetic outcome.

During a consultation at Blue Ocean Plastic Surgery, we very accurately measure the patient’s BWD, along with other factors such as soft tissue thickness, breast tissue characteristics, skin elasticity, and desired cup size. Based on these evaluations, I can recommend the most appropriate implant size and profile to achieve optimal results that enhance the patient’s natural beauty.

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