The decision to perform a mastopexy (breast lift) with augmentation versus augmentation alone is based on several factors that should be assessed on an individual basis. As a plastic surgeon who addresses this problem frequently, I consider the patient’s breast anatomy, degree of ptosis (sagging), desired outcome, and aesthetic goals.

If a patient has significant breast ptosis, characterized by a low nipple position and excess skin, a mastopexy with augmentation is often recommended. This combination procedure addresses both the position of the breasts and the lack of volume, resulting in improved shape, elevation, and fullness. The mastopexy lifts and reshapes the breast tissue and repositions the nipple-areolar complex to a more youthful position, while the augmentation adds volume and enhances breast size.

On the other hand, if a patient has minimal ptosis and desires primarily an increase in breast volume, augmentation alone may be sufficient. This is typically the case when the nipple-areolar complex is still positioned relatively high on the breast mound and there is minimal sagging or excess skin.

Scientific references support the consideration of these factors when determining the need for mastopexy with augmentation. In a scientific study, plastic surgeons found that patients with moderate to severe ptosis benefited from the combined procedure, achieving improved breast shape, projection, and symmetry. In my experience at Blue Ocean Plastic Surgery, scars are well tolerated if these other factors are aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, another key study examined patient satisfaction and outcomes after mastopexy with or without augmentation. The results indicated that patients who underwent the combination procedure had higher satisfaction rates and improved breast aesthetics compared to those who had mastopexy alone.

Ultimately, a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s breast anatomy, ptosis severity, and desired outcome is essential to determine the most appropriate surgical approach. A thorough consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help determine whether a mastopexy with augmentation or augmentation alone is best suited to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals while ensuring optimal safety and satisfaction. At Blue Ocean Plastic Surgery, our team would determine the best course of action with a thorough consultation. If this is your concern or you have other questions… call us at 239-688-2677 to schedule a consultation today!